Zoos are prisons for animals essay

But zoos are a business. Are zoos a good thing. These severe conditions cause harm to their psychics. In zoos, a great number of people walk by each animal every day; this must irritate all the animals. Zoos should be closed to the public. Ecology and the environment.

If we speak about huge farms that contain thousands of pigs, cows or chickens, the condition of such places is terrible. They have to pull a plough causing harm to their health.

Others are captured for entertainment. Some of them are killed for food. I will try to attract your attention to this urgent problem. To take animate beings off from their usual environment and restrict them in coops and enclosed infinites provided by the menagerie is a complete misdemeanor of animate being rights.

Zoos are animal prisons. Crowds of people come to see how toreadors torture and kill bulls. They treat animals like unworthy organisms that exist for food or entertainment.

The worst torture for a wild animal is the life in a cage. No more huge walkways. However, opponents of zoos say that the vast majority of captive breeding programmes do not release animals back into the wild.

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When people say, "But the zoo is so educational for children, they learn so much," the truth is, "The only thing kids learn at the zoo is that giraffes have long necks, zebras are black and white and the monkeys have pink butts.

Zoos are prisons for animals – no one needs to see a depressed penguin in the flesh

It is also done through teaching people about the vegan lifestyle. Zoos also carry out important research into subjects like animal behaviour and how to treat illnesses.

Zoos are animals’ prisons Essay Sample

In order to avoid inbreeding and weakening of adaptive properties of animals, the interzoopark exchange of producers is widely practiced. They have to live in zoos, cages or circuses in order to amuse people.

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In zoos, a great number of people walk by each animal every day; this must irritate all the animals. Some cows, sheep, horses, pigs suffer from hunger or parasites.

Thus, zoos should be closed so as not to attract those middlemen. Often, the state allocates very little funds for the maintenance of animals. This deprivation causes many zoo animals to become stressed or mentally ill.

As indicated in the paper. Zoos are prisons for animals who have committed no crime! Zoos are prisons for animals who have committed no crime!. Visit. Discover ideas about Save Animals Animal cruelty in the food industry essay Free animal cruelty papers, essays.

List of 11 Biggest Pros and Cons of Zoos

[tags: Animal Cruelty, Livestock Industry]: 6 Works Cited, such as killing animals for food or for their. Last chance for Animals is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and media attention.

The organization believes that animals are highly sentient creatures who exist for their own reasons independent of their service to humans; they should thus not be made to suffer for the latter.

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Name Course Tutor Date Analysis of Zoos: Working or Not Working for Humans, Individual Animals, and Animal Species Ranganathan, Romesh. Zoos are prisons for animals – no one needs to see a depressed penguin in the flesh. America's Zoos: Entertainment to Conservation Essays.

Words Oct 24th, 10 Pages. Show More. All that forgotten was walking from cage to cage watching the anxious animals pace back and forth in their closed-in prisons (Hope, ). Should Animals be kept in Zoos Essay.

Zoos are animals’ prisons Essay Sample. Would a person feel angry if he or she were in a prison for nothing? Anyone would say, “Of course!” Then why do people think that animals feel happy in zoos, which are the same as prisons?

Zoos are prisons for animals essay
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