Ielts academic writing task 1 table tips for first-time

Get your essays checked and pass first time. After fixing so many silly mistakes my essays were much clearer and easy to read. The first point to note is that the highest number of male and female workers were occupied in the public sector and wholesale and retail trade sector in both years.

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Wholesale and retail trade sector stands close behind with male and female employees in the yearwhile a slight reverse order in the year with females and males per thousand. Among employees in defence public sector women were less than 50 where men were around Most changes had been in the communication, finance and wholesale sectors with a large increase in the number of people from to speak out in the volume of the interest of the general public towards these sectors.

The given bar charts illustrate the employment status of Freedonian women and men in different sectors in and two decades later in Yes, but I do not work on Saturdays or Sundays. It is noticed that in the part-time employed group, the amount of leisure time for the men was zero, while the women spent around 40 hours per week.

There is an overall description at the beginning and end of the answer. The provided line graphs compare the employment history of men and women in and dividing in six major sectors namely: As it is presented in the diagram, full-time employed people had fewer leisure hours than people with other professional states.

Keep in mind that the writing expects you to be able to compare the women's improvement and increasing involvement in job sectors of Freedonia.

Fix Now that we know what the problems are we must fix these problems.

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In manufacturing job fields, around women were employed while the number of male employees was well over per thousand. Task 2 is exactly the same.

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So mention that fact as well. Only in communications sector women were close to men. The first graph shows the data for the year while the second graph shows data for the year Wholesale and retail trade industry's workforce grew slightly in but the composition of workforce reversed during the later year with men displacing more than two-thirds of women workforce.

Here are just a few satisfied customers. In manufacturing, about women and men worked in both surveyed years, and in public sector non-defencewhich employed women and men.

Introduction The introduction should tell the examiner what the rest of the essay is about and also answer the question directly. The line graphs compare the number of male and female employees in every thousand in six sectors in Freedonia in and Planning helps you organise your ideas and structure before you write, saving you time and helping you write a clear essay.

In summary, women did remarkable progress in Freedonian job fields over 20 years and they went ahead of men in many job sectors.

After 20 years, inwomen made outstanding progress in Freedonian job sectors.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Except in communication sector, the proportion of male employees was far greater than that of females. The graph summarises that the male enjoyed more leisure time than women and employed people had less time for leisure activities than retired and unemployed people.

The sample answer includes many examples of complex sentences that combine a main point with supporting evidence in two clauses. Part-time employed women and housewives are engaged 40 and 50 hours respectively in leisure time activities and the figure for these sectors for men is not mentioned in the graph.

Below is a band score 9 sample answer for an IELTS bar chart in writing task 1. Below the model is a link to a video lesson about how to describe an IELTS bar chart.

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Lesson downloads > IELTS Academic Module preparation > Writing > Lesson 3 Introduction In lesson 2 we looked more at how to describe tables for task 1 of the IELTS writing test. You also learned some tips on how to organise an ‘advantages and disadv antages’ type discursive • look at the table or chart very carefully until you are.

This means that if you spend too much time on the first passage (a mistake many candidates make their first time), you will likely run out of time before you get to the third and final passage. IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Practice and Top Tips | Part 1 Practice and Top Tips | Part 1. Australian English vs.

American English vs. The table used is more simple than an official IELTS exam to clearly show the procedures. Paragraphs and structure P1 will be the introductory statement, in this example two sentences may be necessary.

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With only 2 weeks preparation period, I got a score band of 7, although it was my first time to take the exam. This wouldn't be achieved without the help of my God then your unique and excellent way of teaching through delivering effective tips and strategies.

Ielts academic writing task 1 table tips for first-time
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